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Himalayan Salt Soap

Himalayan salt helps maintain skin’s natural oil balance, cleaning and drawing out impurities while warm water opens your pores to absorb the benefits. This amazing ingredient is also known to improve moisture, elasticity and softness, and may even reduce the appearance of fine lines and cellulite.

Himalayan Aroma Crystal Spray

The Crystal Spray Scent is a Self Treatment Spray formulated from AUTOMATIC GARAM and is formulated with a soft, calming Aroma Theraphy Vibe.
Crystal Spray scented bottles of  70ml and 100ml glass have the benefits of the following three elements:
the benefits of hill salt
the efficacy of living crystalline rocks
aromatherapy odor

Aroma Himalayan Salt

The Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Scent It softens, brightens, rejuvenates and beautifies the skin naturally Removes dirt, toxins and dead skin cells Eliminates unpleasant odors in the feet and body Treat skin problems like acne, scars, itching and so on Increase the “Aura” of yourself to be more positive Helps to avoid the annoyance of the creatures Increases blood circulation and stimulates the mind Relieves problems of muscle cramps, joint pain, nausea and skin cramps It can be used as a face spray, toner, skin detox, treat eyeballs by mixing the scented Himalayan salt water salt, then placing it in the appropriate bottle This salt is not for drinking or eating